Displays and events

Our next exhibition commemorating the centenary of the death of Sir Victor Horsley will be launched during Explore your Archives week (19th-27th November) to coincide with the following event:
Victor Horsley: a continuing legacy: commemorating the centenary of Horsley’s death 23rd November, 5-8pm, 33 Queen Square.

In the meantime, we will be displaying objects from our Archives which are normally held in storage, including paintings, plaques, banners and fundraising items from the 19th century.

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Opening Hours

You can visit to see our displays in person : usually Monday - Friday 9am-7pm (last entry 6pm). Please see our opening hours page for changes to our opening over the coming weeks.

Previous exhibitions:

Our most recent exhibition: Manhandling the Brain is now on display at the entrance to the RSM Library until end of December 2016 - http://bshm.org.uk/manhandling-the-brain/

A Letter in Mind : a unique art event with all proceeds going directly to the National Brain Appeal. Full gallery of works

Please see our compilations page to view some of the earlier displays, selected handouts from which are linked below:

*Manhandling the brain: Psychiatric neurosurgery in the mid-20th century
*Embroidered Minds: William Gowers & the Morris Family
*Teaching in Queen Square: from Brown-Sequard’s outpatient lectures to distance learning
* Queen Square: a journey through its buildings & institutions
* First World War at the National
* The Beginning of the End of the Falling Sickness: Epilepsy and its treatment in London 1860-1910
* The founding and early years of the National Hospital, Queen Square
* Gowers, the artist. Sir William Richard Gowers FRS, 1845-1915
* Ladies’ Samaritan Society 1860-2014
* The National Hospital, Queen Square: From Research to Patient
* Queen Square: at Work and Play

Library, museum and archive refurbishment generously supported by the Brain Research Trust and the National Brain Appeal.