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Queen Square: A History of the National Hospital and its Institute of Neurology

a definitive history of both The National Hospital and the Institute from 1860 to 1997, authored by Simon Shorvon, Alastair Compston, Andrew Lees, Michael Clark, and Martin Rossor. Available to purchase in early November 2018 with all proceeds of sales going to the National Brain Appeal.

We have a set of five postcards featuring images from Queen Square Archives, sold in Queen Square Library in aid of the National Brain Appeal.

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We also have a small supply of two large prints of Queen Square in 1787 and a National Hospital architects drawing from 1883 and one A4 size print of the Albany Wing in the 1880s

The Library has books for sale on the history of Queen Square and the National Hospital, including key physicians; please see the list of books for sale on the library website for titles and prices.

We also have a small supply of Embroidered Minds of the Morris Women by Leslie Forbes

For more information about all merchandise sales, please contact

The IoN Education team sell additional items, including Queen Square Ties and screening tools. Please contact for further information.

The National Brain Appeal and the Brain Research Trust generously funded the re-housing of the archives and refurbishment of the Library, and the digitisation and cataloguing to date of the archives, and are dedicated to raising funds to support the work of the Institute and Hospital.