17th August


Board of Management Minutes: May 1885 – Jul 1894 NHNN/A/4/4

The Chairman communicated to the Board the contents of a letter addressed to him by Dr Hull complaining that the House Clerk had been denied by the Secretary Director to take his evening meal at the same table as the House Physicians.

The Chairman expressed that he had given the instruction that the House Clerk would take his place at the officers’ table, in compliance with the express wish of the House Committee when the subject was recently under notice. The Secretary Director further informed the Board of the language used by Dr Hull in reference to the matter.

The Chairman expressed an opinion that as Dr Hull had resigned, the matter might be dealt with in a way somewhat different from what he would otherwise have proposed. After a conversation, it was ultimately agreed that the Secretary Director address a letter to Dr Hull stating that it is the Board’s wish that there should be common table for the several officers and they are surprised that Dr Hull has addressed them in the terms employed in his letter of this date.


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