23rd August


Extracts from the Minutes of the Board of Management, National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic.

At a meeting held this day. Mr Alderman Wire in the chair. Present Messrs Parker, Barton, Chandler, Bartlett.

A subscription of 5 Guineas was announced from Mrs Charles Tayleur of Barnes.

Miss Hunt of Edgware having applied for her sister’s admission as an in door patient and offered to pay 10 shillings per week with her. It was resolved that from circumstances named at the Board it was not a fit case for the Hospital.

It was resolved that Henry Hall, engine driver from Cardiff be admitted as an in door case on Dr Ramskill’s recommendation and that the Directors of the Taff Vale Railway Company be solicited for a donation.

Mrs Wynne of Rochester having applied for the admission of a poor woman as an in door patient. It was resolved that the case must be first seen here by physicians who will report it to the Board of Management.

It was resolved that Soap and Candles be ordered from Mr Ford Hale. Cannon Street.

Mr Chandler promised to get two commodes.

1000 circulars and testimonials were ordered from Mrs Rickerby

Mr Alderman Wire kindly offered to write to Sir Frederick Pollack respecting his house which is reported to be offered for sale.


On This Day is a diary of day to day life in the Hospital covering 1859 to the 1940’s.

Extracts are taken from the staff records, letters, the reports of the Matron and the Lady Superintendent, and the minutes of the Board of Management and the Medical Committee. They were compiled with the help of Janet Townsend, Frankie Alves, Louise Shepherd, Michael Clark and Liz Yamada

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