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New exhibition

WAVECRAFT: Two pioneers of EEG and their world 1st May-31st July 2018
This exhibition is curated by Ken Barrett, who curated our 2016 exhibition Manhandling the Brain

Chelsea Flower Show 2018

The fabulous Embroidered Minds Epilepsy Garden featured a ceramic tiled path using images drawn from Queen Square Archives. Please see Embroidered Minds website for further information.

Gowers’ shorthand diaries

We are delighted to have received a transcription of Gowers’ shorthand diaries which has been diligently transcribed by Ann Scott.

*PDF version
*Interactive version

This includes two diaries kept while he was a medical apprentice and a great deal of detail about daily life in Coggeshall, Essex, in the 1860s. The most interesting of the entries were incorporated into the following book: William Richard Gowers 1845-1915, Exploring the Victorian Brain Ann Scott, Mervyn Eadie, and Andrew Lees. OUP, 2012.

Older news

Extensive collection of Gowers correspondence and children’s journals digitised

Patient 39 - PATIENT 39 is a short film adaptation of William Boyd’s short story ‘Ghost of a Bird’, starring Mark Bazeley and Alfie Stewart. Accompanying articles by Professor Andrew Lees

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