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Queen Square: A History of the National Hospital and its Institute of Neurology

a definitive history of both The National Hospital and the Institute from 1860 to 1997, authored by Simon Shorvon, Alastair Compston, Andrew Lees, Michael Clark, and Martin Rossor. Available to purchase in early November 2018 with all proceeds of sales going to the National Brain Appeal.

WWI’s Secret Shame: Shell Shocked : 12th November, 9-10pm, BBC2

In this programme, which features footage and materials from Queen Square Archives, Dan Snow discovers how the shell shock of WW1 has evolved into the cases of PTSD that modern soldiers suffer with today. Delving into previously unseen archives he reveals the difficult history of how Britain has reacted to the psychological consequences of warfare. Dan interviewed Stefanie Linden, author of They Called it Shell Shock which draws heavily on our Archives, as part of the programme. BBC iplayer (from 7mins); Box of Broadcasts (UCL password required for access)

NHS at 70: Celebrating the achievements of Queen Square. Wednesday 21st November 2018, 11am-3pm, Queen Square Library

This drop-in event is part of the national Explore Your Archives campaign and NHS Big7Tea. Join us for refreshments, and view photographs, objects and documents from Queen Square Archives : including menus from events during the Hospital’s history and our latest exhibition, plus the newly launched book: Queen Square: A History of the National Hospital and its Institute of Neurology

Gowers’ sketchbooks

We have recently digitised several Gowers’ sketchbooks from the late 19th century, many of which are now available online. The sketchbooks include detailed drawings of St Ives, Dover, and Southwold, as well as collections of drawings of figures, and some watercolour landscapes. With many thanks to Rebecca Gowers for loaning these to the Archives.

New exhibition

NHS at 70: Celebrating the achievements of Queen Square
The exhibition which includes photographs, objects and documents from Queen Square Archives will run in Queen Square Library, 23 Queen Square from August – December 2018. This exhibition is dedicated to Annie Lindsay, UCLH Archivist (2004-2018).

Please see exhibition handout and selected image compilation for further information.

WAVECRAFT: Two pioneers of EEG and their world

This exhibition is now on display at: Library and Archive, Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole street, London until 1st November 2018. Please see the curator Ken Barrett’s website for further information.

Chelsea Flower Show 2018

The fabulous Embroidered Minds Epilepsy Garden featured a ceramic tiled path using images drawn from Queen Square Archives. Please see Embroidered Minds website for further information.

Gowers’ shorthand diaries

We are delighted to have received a transcription of Gowers’ shorthand diaries which has been diligently transcribed by Ann Scott. Two hard copies are available in the Library.

*PDF version
*Interactive version

This includes two diaries kept while he was a medical apprentice and a great deal of detail about daily life in Coggeshall, Essex, in the 1860s. The most interesting of the entries were incorporated into the following book: William Richard Gowers 1845-1915, Exploring the Victorian Brain Ann Scott, Mervyn Eadie, and Andrew Lees. OUP, 2012.

Older news

Extensive collection of Gowers correspondence and children’s journals digitised

Patient 39 - PATIENT 39 is a short film adaptation of William Boyd’s short story ‘Ghost of a Bird’, starring Mark Bazeley and Alfie Stewart. Accompanying articles by Professor Andrew Lees

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